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Who can become a full member?

Any European or international company or industry organization operating in the production and/or refining of palm oil and interested in our purpose and goal can join.

Full member privileges

By joining EPOA, you will be joining a vibrant alliance that allows you to engage with dedicated international professionals in the field of palm oil, nutrition and sustainabilty; share your experiences, insights and ideas; and work towards common initiatives. You will participate in events, meetings and campaigns. Voting rights and a position on the Steering Committee also means full access to EPOA information and participation granted to all meetings and events.

Affiliated Membership

In order to broaden its membership base and adequately represent the interests of the palm oil industry and those concerned in Europe, EPOA offers an additional membership category: the ‘Affiliated Membership’. This membership is open to those with a clear interest in the topics that EPOA addresses, but with for example multiple business lines or insufficient means to enjoy full membership. Through Affiliated Membership, European and international companies and industry organizations and those with a specific interest in rebalancing the debate on palm oil and food in Europe will have the opportunity of joining EPOA.

Who can become an affiliated member?

European or international companies and/or industry organizations with an interest in creating a balanced and
objective view on palm oil and food in Europe.

Advantage of affiliated membership

While having no formal voting power on the strategy of EPOA or a seat at the Steering Committee, affiliated members have access to most information being shared and can participate in the project team meetings and events organized by EPOA. Additionally they can chose to fund or actively participate in events of interest that are co-funded and organized with partners outside of EPOA.

Companies and organizations that are interested to join EPOA can apply by means of a request addressed to the EPOA chair at: In the request please present the company or organization, its objectives and the reasons of interest to join EPOA. If you would like further details and information regarding application and membership fees, please contact EPOA at:

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