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To increase the uptake of sustainable palm oil it is essential for industries in the palm oil supply chain to join forces. To this end, companies and sector associations are working together in ‘national alliances on sustainable palm oil’. These alliances are now widespread in Europe, committing many companies and sectors to use sustainable palm oil. All national alliances have a commitment to use 100% certified sustainable palm oil, with many alliances also moving towards additional criteria and the continuous improvement of certification standards.

These commitments are all combined by the ‘European Sustainable Palm Oil’ (ESPO) project in the ‘Commitment to Support’. The commitment aims to increase and align the demand for sustainable palm oil in Europe by working together with the European sector associations organised in the European Sustainable Palm Oil Advocacy Group (ESPOAG) and certification standards such as the RSPO. The commitment to support is also supported by seven European governments in the ‘Amsterdam Declaration in Support of a Fully Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain by 2020’.

Sustainable palm oil use per country.
In several European countries we are working on sustainable palm oil. The figures on imports and use show that we still have a gap to fill.


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