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On this page we’ll bring together scientific studies, policy documents, important data, interesting publications and other information related to sustainable palm oil.

Monitoring of sustainable palm oil in Europe

The impacts of palm oil production

Environmental, Economic, and Social Consequences of the Oil Palm Boom (Qaim et al. 2020)
This research study examines palm oil production and consumption trends and reviews environmental, economic, and social consequences in different parts of the world.
Impact of palm oil sustainability certification on village well-being and poverty in Indonesia (Santika, T., Wilson, K.A., Law, E.A. et al. 2021)
This research study evaluates the impact of palm oil sustainability certification on village-level wellbeing across Indonesia.
The biodiversity impact of RSPO certification (Meijaard, Ancrenaz & van Balen 2020)
This study examines RSPO member companies and assesses how their management has addressed biodiversity conservation with regard to RSPO requirements.

Deforestation and palm oil

Global Forest Review by the World Resources Institute
The Global Forest Review (GFR) is a living online report providing the latest information on the state of the world’s forests. Unlike other reports that compile statistical data reported by governments, the GFR draws primarily on global-scale geospatial data derived from analysis of satellite imagery.
Deforestation fronts – Drivers and responses in a changing world by WWF
This 2021 report by the World Wild Fund (WWF) analyses the latest trends in deforestation and forest degradation. This report identifies a slowing trend for deforestation linked to palm oil in Indonesia and Malaysia.
The collective effort to end deforestation by DIC
An analysis by the Disclosure Insight Action of 687 companies on the steps they are taking to eliminate deforestation from their operations and supply chains.

Studies on the viability of palm oil replacement

Certification schemes

Transnational and national certification schemes

National certification schemes

Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil Certification
Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil

Sustainable Palm Oil Inititatives

Downstream and upstream initiatives


Amsterdam Declaration Partnership
The AD country governments join efforts to influence key processes– changes we would like to see happen – to enhance market uptake of sustainable commodities in ADP countries complementary to supporting production side measures in countries of origin.

European Palm Oil Alliance
Initiative that brings the European palm oil industry and producing countries together to push for market transformation in Europe and create awareness of the importance of sustainably produced palm oil.

The Sustainable Palm Oil Choice
This initiative combines a group of companies and civil society organisations that are committed to either use, produce or support the production and consumption of sustainable palm oil and inspire others to do the same.

Consumer Goods Forum – Palm Oil Roadmap
This organisation brings consumer goods retailers and manufacturers together globally

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