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The crucial role of palm oil for local economies

Palm oil is an important source of income to countries in the ‘Global South’. In many of these countries, palm oil accounts for an increasing part of the gross national product, making this crop a driven force for economic development. In fact, more than 3 million smallholders and small-scale farmers make a living from palm oil in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Accordingly, different studies show that the cultivation of this crop has contributed considerably to the improvement of livelihood conditions. Find out below a few examples of how palm oil makes real impact on the ground!

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Producing palm oil

“I can give my family the opportunities they deserve. Two of my children have graduated from college and my youngest is working on the farm alongside me so that he can one day take over.”

Hugo Walter Cruz, palm farmer in Chisec, Guatemala who participates in a sustainable farming program with Cargill, Solidaridad and Palmas del Ixcán

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Impact on local economies in Colombia

Facilitating knowledge sharing in Colombia

Another example of how palm oil creates impact on the ground is the work Olenex (EPOA member) has been carrying out in Colombia. Together with different stakeholders,  Olenex has developed a programme to strengthen the knowledge of responsible practices of small and medium palm oil growers from the northern Colombian region. Five mills: Aceites S.A, Palmaceite S.A, Frupalma S.A, Palmagro S.A and Extractora El Roble S.A.S, joined this initiative and support the transfer of knowledge to their smaller palm oil suppliers.

Read more about the programme in Colombia!
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