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Position Papers and other interesting documents

IDH Position on European Commission Communication on Deforestation
IDH National Initiative for Sustainable and Climate Smart Oil Palm Smallholders (NI-SCOPS)
IDH The Urgency of Action to Tackle tropical deforestation
IDH Palm Oil Programme in India
CPOPC on EU Imported Deforestation
Background document on potential EU regulatory and non-regulatory meassures to combat tropical deforestation



Hugo Schally of DG ENV

Ian Suwarganda of Golden Agri Resources (GAR)
Frans Claassen of EPOA

Carla Romeu Dalmau of IDH
Kamini Visvananthan of RSPO

Glyn Davies of WWF
Reuben Blackie of Pepsico

Daan Wensing of IDH
Sabrina Goncalves Krebsbach of WWF
Hans Loth of Rabobank

Olivier Charrier of Ferrero
Dior Decupper of Upfield
Daniel Salter of Tesco


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